If you're required to get a permit, certification, registration or license for your business, school, community or activity, the department can help you find what you need! Permits ensure businesses and individuals understand and follow all applicable federal and state laws and regulations to protect our air, land and water. The department works with you to make sure you operate safely and efficiently and to ensure the environment and citizens of Missouri are protected. The following resources are available to help you find information on activities requiring a permit, fees, forms and applications, agency contacts as well as laws, rules and regulations. 

Air Permits
Types of air permits, fees, assistance and how to apply
Asbestos Notification and Certification
Demolition, renovation, abatement projects and notifications
Laboratory Certification
Information about how to become a certified chemical laboratory
Land and Geology Permits
Mining, dam and reservoir, land disturbance, oil and gas, well drillers and more
Missouri State Park Permits
Section 106 historic preservation reviews; some MoStatePark activities require permits
Storage Tanks - Underground
Registration requirements and forms for underground storage tanks
Waste-Related Permits, Licenses, Registrations and Fees
Storing, transporting, processing, treating or disposing solid or hazardous waste
Water Permits, Certification, Engineering, Fees
Waste, storm and drinking water, CAFO, operator or 401 certification, land disturbance
Certifications and Trainings
Learn more about available training and professional certification/ license requirements
Forms and Applications
Search for applications and instructions by title or form number
Permit and other various fees
Public Notices
Provide input on draft permits, plans or rules on public notice
Find a meeting, hearing or event near you
Laws, Rules and Regulations
State and federal rules governing the protection of our natural resources