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Below is a list of publications and fact sheets the Missouri Department of Natural Resources created to help inform both the public and technical community about particular topics. If you are searching for a form or application, please visit Forms and Applications. If you would like to access thousands of department documents, including guidance documents and reports, please use our Document Search and filter on the type of document you would like to locate.

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If you  cannot find what you are looking for, the department also has several additional publications and books available in SharePoint and accessed through Missouri Geological Survey Data. The Missouri Geology Bibliography provides citations that make up the Bibliography of the Geology of Missouri.

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Document Name Document Type Areas of Focus
2017 Biosolids Information Sheet Publications Water » Wastewater
2017 Governor's Report Capacity Development Publications Water » Drinking Water
2018 Annual Compliance Report of Missouri Public Water Systems - PUB2802 Publications Water » Drinking Water
Water » Water Quality
2018 Missouri Drought By The Numbers - PUB2747 Publications Water » Drought
Water » Water Resources
2018-2019 Land Reclamation Program Biennial Report - PUB2827 Publications Land and Geology » Rocks and Minerals
Land and Geology » Land Reclamation
2019 Annual Compliance Report of Missouri Public Water Systems - PUB2810 Publications Water » Drinking Water
Water » Water Quality
2019 Flood Recovery Advisory Working Group Interim Report, Dec. 31, 2019 Publications Water » Flooding
2019 Ozone Monitoring Annual Report Publications Air » Pollutants and Sources
2020 Annual Compliance Report of Missouri Public Water Systems - PUB2910 Publications Water » Drinking Water
2020 Missouri DNR Photo Contest Winners Publications Agency/ General