The State of Missouri is a beneficiary of the Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Environmental Mitigation Trust, better known as the Volkswagen Trust Fund. As the lead agency, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources developed a 10-year Beneficiary Mitigation Plan for awarding more than $41 million to Missouri-specific projects by October 2027. Eligible applicants include government entities and private business owners with old diesel vehicles and equipment. In addition, funding is available for electric vehicle charging infrastructure installations. Learn more about each type of eligible project, when applications are due and how to apply. 

More Information
Missouri's plan, background and outreach efforts
Volkswagen - DERA Option
Grants to reduce emissions from diesel fleets
School Buses
Replace/repower a school bus
Replace/repower emergency response, government, nongovernment
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Building electric vehicle infrastructure
Other Eligible Projects
Repower transit/shuttle buses, locomotive, marine, airport & cargo equip
Air Public Notices
Provide input on draft permits, plans or rules on public notice
Volkswagen Trust Meetings
Learn more about available funding and updates
Awarded Projects
Map of the awards to Missouri specific projects