Integrated earth resource evaluation that incorporates sustainable economic vitality and environmental and public health protection is accomplished through geologic mapping and investigations, groundwater protection, energy and mineral resource characterization, identification and response to geologic hazards, and by providing geologic information and online services. 

Our team members investigate the state’s geology, providing geologic and hydrologic information and expertise to aid economic development, infrastructure considerations, and environmental decision-making regarding site remediation, contaminant migration, subsurface investigations, and geologic hazards. 

We oversee the proper construction of all wells, including water, oil, gas, exploration, heat pumps and monitoring. Team members determine the character and availability of the state’s energy and mineral resources. 

Land reclamation duties include developing regulations, permitting, inspection, complaint investigation, bonding and enforcement, as well as human health and environmental hazard assessment, reclamation plan designs, contracting, budgeting, public relations, landowner education, construction oversight, and maintenance of reclaimed abandoned mine lands.

Rocks, Minerals and Fossils
Rocks and minerals are important resources, and fossils give us a peek into the past
Oil and Gas Resources
Hydrocarbons used for heating, cooling and for other purposes
Geothermal Heat Pump Systems
Harnessing energy just feet below the earth’s surface
Environmental Geology Assistance
We provide geohydrologic evaluations for wastewater treatment facilities and more
Geologic hazards can pose a threat to lives and property
Karst in Missouri
Landscape characterized by the presence of springs, sinkholes, losing streams and caves
Mining and Land Reclamation
Mining and reclamation activities in Missouri
McCracken Core Library and Research Center
A repository for nearly 8 million feet of rock core and cuttings
Ed Clark Museum of Missouri Geology
Plan a visit to our museum
Missouri Water Tracing Laboratory
Determining underground water paths aid in locating potential contaminants
Missouri Geology Bibliography
Locate information in the Missouri Geology Bibliography
Missouri Geological Survey Publications
Locate electronic versions of our geology publications