Accidents, spills, leaks and improper waste handling and disposal not only contaminate our air, water and land, but can also pose a threat to the health of Missouri's citizens, visitors and wildlife. The department's goal is to protect human health and the environment from threats posed by the sites. The department performs and oversees environmental investigation and cleanup activities at sites where various wastes have been or could potentially be released into the environment. The department works with responsible parties to return these sites to safe and productive reuse. Learn more about the various types of investigations and cleanups in Missouri. For information about groundwater and gas monitoring at solid waste landfills, visit the department's Solid Waste Landfill Monitoring and Reporting webpage.

What’s in Your Neighborhood – E-Start
Interactive map of hazardous sites and regulated facilities in your neighborhood
Environmental Emergency Response
Emergency assistance for hazardous materials, mercury and petroleum spills
Brownfields/ Voluntary Cleanup
Brownfields property investigation, cleanup and redevelopment
Federal Facilities
Properties currently or previously owned or operated by federal government agencies
Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage and Disposal (TSD) Facilities
Cleanups at facilities that treat, store (90+ days) or dispose hazardous waste
Illegal Dumping
Illegal dump sites along roadsides and waterways containing a variety of wastes
Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration (NRDAR)
Evaluate and restore natural resources impacted by pollutants or hazardous substance releases
Regulated Storage Tank Cleanup and Closure
Cleanups at sites storing petroleum or hazardous substances underground
Cleanups at abandoned or uncontrolled hazardous waste disposal sites
Public Notices
Provide input on proposed cleanup plans or find a meeting or hearing near you
Public Guidance and Assistance
Public involvement, pollution prevention and additional resources for the public
Cleanup Success Stories
Sites addressed to protect public health and the environment, encourage economic growth