The Missouri Department of Natural Resources, in collaboration with Earth Advantage, launched the Green Building Registry® (GBR) for Missouri. Designed to automatically pull home energy data through an application programming interface (API) connection, the GBR is built to download data from qualified sources like the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Home Energy Score™ (HES or HEScore), Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) and other qualified certification and energy efficiency programs. GBR also uses energy efficiency data to generate the custom-designed Missouri scorecard. This platform provides an array of services, and offers the potential to auto-populate home energy data into real estate Multiple Listing Services (MLS). The GBR performs functions that are essential to communicate the value of accurate and verified home energy data at the time of sale. To learn how to use GBR, Earth Advantage has created a YouTube tutorial. For a better understanding of how energy efficiency relates to real estate and appraising and how you might benefit, visit Real Estate and Appraiser Training.

Learn more about the Green Building Registry®
Real Estate Agents
Agents can look up houses that fit the needs of their potential home buyers
Get a better understanding of the energy efficiency of your home
Efficiency Contractors
Efficiency contractors can create a scorecard for a specific home
Identify energy efficiency features and account for the efficiency features on the appraisal report
Pinpoint energy efficient homes and make more informed purchasing decisions