Water is one of Missouri’s most abundant and precious resources. Our plentiful streams, rivers, lakes and groundwater are critically important natural resources. We help protect our surface water and groundwater by monitoring its quality and quantity as we work with citizens, industry and government to ensure Missouri water is abundant and safe to use. One way is by ensuring compliance with the federal Clean Water Act by implementing the Missouri Clean Water Law. Some of the key activities the department carries out to protect and improve water quality include developing standards, issuing permits, conducting inspections and enforcement actions, monitoring water quality and quantity, developing plans to improve water quality and providing funding to communities to upgrade their infrastructure.

The State of Water
What we know about Missouri’s water quality
The Water We Drink
Making sure we have safe and healthy drinking water
Water Monitoring and Data
Tracking the quality and quantity of Missouri's water
Water Pollutants and Sources
The biggest threats to Missouri’s water
Missouri Hydrology Information Center (MoHIC)
Providing communities needed information to ensure their safety and protect property
Success Stories
Learn more about funding water projects

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