We think of a community as the people in a given geographical location, but community can really refer to any group sharing something in common. This may refer to smaller geographic areas such as a neighborhood, a housing project or development, a rural area, or to a number of other possible communities within a larger, geographically-defined community. These energy resources are available for everyone.

Energy Bulletins
Bi-weekly energy pricing update
Energy Loans
Providing incentives and financing for the energy industry
Missouri State Energy Planning (MoSEP) Process
Addresses topics related to Missouri’s energy needs
Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®
Protect our environment with energy-efficient products and practices
Achieving Energy Efficiency
Cost effective ways to eliminate energy waste
Transportation related energy resources
Residential Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)
Financing for energy efficiency improvements or renewable energy systems
Low-Income Weatherization Assistance Program
Cost and energy-efficient home improvements to Missouri's low income households
Cost-effective energy-efficient home improvements
Roadmap to Resilience
Develop customized resilience plans in your community
Green Building Registry®
Add your energy assets to the Green Building Registry® database
Missouri Renewable Resources Directory
A source of renewable energy resources information