Missouri’s thousands of miles of rivers, streams and lakes, along with underground aquifers, supply our state’s 6 million residents with water to drink. Missouri’s water resources also play a critical and valuable role in providing our families, friends and visitors with the ability to enjoy numerous outdoor recreational opportunities, supporting industry and meeting our agricultural needs. Knowing the health of Missouri’s water helps the department take the correct measures to protect and keep our water clean for everyone’s use. Ensuring our Missouri waters are safe to enjoy today, as well as ensure the same for future generations, is the essence of the department's mission.

Many organizations throughout Missouri monitor bodies of water across the state. Department staff and trained volunteers take samples of Missouri’s streams, lakes and rivers to gauge the overall health of the water. The samples are analyzed in the department’s laboratory to ensure the safety and quality of these precious resources.

Water Levels
Monitoring groundwater, lake and stream levels
Drinking Water Monitoring
Monitoring public drinking water safety and reporting chronic violators
Wastewater Monitoring
Wastewater compliance monitoring and wasteload allocation studies
Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment
Fish tissue, stream and sediment monitoring; testing parameters and biological assessments
Water Quality Testing Parameters
Water quality indicators used to determine the water quality in Missouri
Request Additional Sampling Bottles
Request sampling bottles for bacteriological water analysis sampling
Major Water Users
Collecting water use date to better understand and manage the state's water inventory
Missouri Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Sampling Viewer Tool
Voluntary sampling locations for PFAS in public drinking water systems and related data
Missouri Water Tracing Lab
Determining groundwater movement to reveal underground connections & how pollutants travel
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Search all department documents in one location for easy access
Missouri Geological Survey Publications
Additional documents provided by Missouri Geological Survey, accessible using SharePoint
Geosciences Technical Resource Assessment Tool (GeoSTRAT)
Find locations of springs, mines, sinkholes, wells, dams and more

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