Typical weatherization measures include air sealing to reduce infiltration, attic insulation, sidewall insulation, floor and foundation insulation, pipe or duct insulation, water heater blankets, energy efficient lighting replacement and heating and cooling system repair or replacement.

The Weatherization Assistance Program provides eligible households with home energy conservation services. The program provides cost-effective energy-efficient home improvements to Missouri's low income households, especially the elderly, children, those with physical disadvantages and others most affected by high utility costs. The program’s objectives are to lower utility bills and improve comfort while ensuring health and safety. Income eligible homeowners, and tenants with their landlord’s permission, are eligible. 

Residential Assistance
Services offered and who is eligible
Sub-Grantee Resources
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State Weatherization Plan
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Energy Success Stories
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Celebrating Missouri Weatherization Day
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Missouri Weatherization Policy Advisory Council
Considers development of weatherization assistance and status of the energy program
Local Weatherization Agencies
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