Missouri has an abundance of energy resources. Missouri is a source for fuels for heating, generating electrical energy and other forms of energy conversion processes. There are three main energy resources – renewable, fossil and nuclear.  Renewable energy resources are naturally replenished including hydropower and biomass (plant fuels such as wood used for heating). Fossil energy resources include petroleum and coal turned into various fuel power and heating products. Nuclear energy resources are mainly used as fuel for fission-based power plants. Certain radioactive elements in the Earth can be classified as nuclear energy resources, too.

Sept. 26 to 30, 2022 is Clean Energy Week

Using biomass for energy
Solar energy for you
Harnessing the wind for your use
Information about Missouri’s hydroelectric and pumped storage resources
Using nuclear energy
Fossil Fuels
Fossil fuel use today
Information about electricity storage
Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
Information on combined heat and power, or “CHP"
Biofuel Resources
Renewable Energy Standard (RES) Certification
List of certified facilities and facilities can apply for certification
Facts about heating your home with propane
Alternative Fuels and Vehicles
Electric vehicles and more
Oil and Gas Resources
Hydrocarbons used for heating, cooling and for other purposes
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