The rights of all citizens to access public information is an integral function of a government agency. The State of Missouri is committed to making Missouri websites, documents, applications and services accessible to all.

Some users may not be able to see, hear or process information in particular formats, may have difficulty reading or understanding text, or may not be able to use a keyboard or a mouse. We have developed our content to ensure compatibility with common adaptive technologies by using the State of Missouri’s Accessibility Standard, which is based on Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act (as amended) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0.

We will continue to review and update our website and policies to ensure compliance with current and future accessibility standards.

Design Standards

Straightforward Design - Our website uses simple information architecture, organized navigation and reliable headings throughout.

Images With Alternative Text - This text provides further detail for an image or destination of a hyperlinked image. It is commonly called an ALT tag, and they are accessible to screen readers, and visible when the mouse is placed over the image. They also provide a description of graphics for people who have images turned off in their browser.

Style Sheets - Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) centralize the style information for the website. Using CSS allows for greater flexibility when a style change is needed to accommodate a specific disability. It also keeps the code clean and is faster to download.

Layout - The design uses a flexible layout, built to optimize viewing for the vast majority of visitors. The layout will accommodate any screen resolution, mobile or tablet device.

Multimedia - When available, the transcripts of audio and video description are linked with the file. Videos are provided using an HTML5 player allowing media to be viewed on iPhone and iPad devices.

Hypertext Links - Text is specifically chosen to make sense when read out of context, so all users know where they are going when they select a link.

Accessibility Validation - Our design work is checked using tools, checklists, and guidelines at

Report Accessibility Issues

If you are having accessibility or usability issues with our website, please use the form below to help us improve or call us at 800-361-4827 to request additional assistance.

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