Long-term stewardship, or LTS, applies to sites and properties where long-term management is necessary to protect human health and the environment from contamination that remains after cleanup. For various reasons, some contaminated properties cannot be cleaned up to pristine conditions. The department also allows some properties to be cleaned to specific levels, such as residential or non-residential, based partly on current and future land uses. Specific tools and controls are used at these properties to protect human health and the environment from any remaining contamination until they are no longer needed. The department tracks, regularly inspects, distributes information and raises public awareness about these sites. Learn more about the various sites and long-term stewardship activities performed to keep Missouri safe. 

Tools, Controls and Resources
Instruments used to protect human health and the environment during long-term stewardship
What’s in Your Neighborhood – E-Start
Interactive map of hazardous sites and regulated facilities in your neighborhood
Closed and Long-Term Stewardship Sites
More information about specific properties undergoing long-term stewardship