Working for the Missouri Department of Natural Resources provides benefits to Missouri, its citizens and fulfills a calling for our employees. Our 1,300+ staff are passionate about protecting Missouri's outstanding natural resources for all to enjoy. Our commitment is demonstrated through our low employee turnover rate in Missouri state government. We're glad you are interested in joining our team to provide all Missourians a healthy environment in which to live, work and enjoy the outdoors!  Learn more about how to obtain a position with the department through Career Opportunities - Frequently Asked Questions - PUB2259

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources protects our air, land, water, and mineral resources; preserves our unique natural and historic places; and provides recreational and learning opportunities; while promoting the environmentally sound and energy-efficient operations of businesses, communities, agriculture, and industry for the benefit of all Missourians. Learn more About Us.

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Geoscience Careers
Provide Earth science information and services towards Missouri's natural resources
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Help our parks' staff preserve our natural landscapes and cultural landmarks