Rocks and minerals are important to everyone, every day. We see rocks everywhere – both as a part of the Earth, and used by society in construction and manufacturing. All of the raw materials we use to make things are either grown (plants and animals) or mined (rocks and minerals). 

Dinosaur bones maybe be the most well-known fossils, but they are not the only fossils. Fossils are the remains of animals and plants that have been preserved in rocks or minerals.

  • Industrial Mineral Resources Support - PUB3023
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Industrial Rocks and Minerals
Industrial rocks and minerals continue to be a key component of the state's economy
Metallic Minerals
Missouri produces multiple metallic minerals that are crucial to our daily lives
Critical Minerals
Demand for critical minerals is increasing with advancing technology
Other Rocks and Minerals
Check out some of the most common rocks and minerals found in Missouri
Fossils usually are formed from the shells or bones of living things
State Geologic Symbols
Various symbols have been selected to identify our unique geology and history