Pump jacks at work extracting oil from the ground

The department's Missouri Geological Survey is responsible in part for activities associated with the exploration, production and subsurface storage of oil and gas in Missouri. Some of these responsibilities include reviewing, approving and maintaining applications to drill oil and gas production wells, and underground injection control wells (enhanced oil recovery, disposal and hydrocarbon storage wells). The department has records for approximately 10,400 wells. Well status includes active, under construction, inactive, pending, shut in, inactive, plugged, water well conversion, orphaned and abandoned. 

How to Apply

To become an oil and gas operator, certain forms must be completed and submitted to the department. The required forms are available online (in the "Forms" section). For more information about becoming licensed in Missouri call us at 573-368-2100.


Fees are associated with oil and gas permitting in Missouri and are identified on each form that is required for the type of permit required, as well as becoming a commercial operator in Missouri. Visit the forms tab on this page or use the document search to locate forms. Please contact us if you have questions or need assistance.

Fee Type Fee Amount
Application for Operator License $250
Application for Operator License for Non-commercial Gas Well $50
Application for Permit to Drill, Deepen, Plug-back or Recomplete $100
Permit to Inject Application $100
Application to Extend Well Shut-in Status $25
Well Plugging Record $50
Late Fees $100 per month/report or form*

*Late fees shall not exceed $1,200 per violation for each well. Late fees are also applicable to submission of operator license renewal application after the expiration date.