The Missouri Emissions Inventory System (MoEIS) is an online emissions reporting system. It allows facilities to submit emissions data electronically to fulfill reporting requirements. The information supplied helps the department track air quality throughout the state.

Missouri Emissions Inventory System application banner

Save Time with MoEIS

  • MoEIS includes most facility data
  • Only update the data that changes from year to year
  • Emission and fee calculations are completed automatically
  • MoEIS checks for errors before submittal

Login Information

Facilities need a user ID and password to access the online system. 

  • If you already have a user ID and password and want to begin reporting emissions data, click on the MoEIS icon below to log in.
  • Contact the MoEIS Helpdesk to get your user ID and password. For security reasons, the department will only release login information to a facility representative.

Facilities are responsible for the security of their login information. If consultants or staff members change, facilities must change passwords to protect their data. Contact the MoEIS Helpdesk if you need passwords changed.

Login to MoEIS

MoEIS Quick Start Guide

MoEIS User Manual


The MoEIS Helpdesk is available during regular business hours. We are able to resolve most issues quickly with an exchange of emails or a phone call. If you would like in-person assistance, you can make an appointment to come to our Jefferson City office, or we can schedule a time for our staff to come to you.