The Division of Energy is focused on affordable and reliable energy generated in the state of Missouri. The division assists, educates and encourages Missourians to advance the efficient use of diverse energy resources to drive economic growth, provide for a healthier environment and achieve greater energy security for future generations.

Vision of the Future

A globe surrounded by various energy sources.
  • Promoting efficiency of use: Energy efficiency leverages all forms of supply by stretching the value of a given unit. Using energy more wisely is a first step in optimizing Missouri’s energy system.
  • Ensuring affordability: A focus on providing reliable energy at prices that are fair and reasonable for consumers and businesses will support Missouri’s continued economic success. It is essential that the state’s energy system meet the health, welfare and economic needs of its citizens with particular emphasis on vulnerable populations.
  • Diversifying and promoting security in supply: Missouri must identify and capitalize on opportunities to maximize in-state clean energy resources and decrease dependence on imported fossil fuel energy sources.
  • Undertaking Regulatory Improvements: Modifications to our state’s energy laws and regulations are necessary to expand opportunities, deliver enhanced benefits to Missourians and guide Missouri into our energy future.
  • Stimulating innovation, Emerging Technologies and Job Creation: Missouri can be an energy innovation leader through the creation of research initiatives, development of a skilled and dedicated workforce, education of the public, support of local industry and fostering a business climate that attracts innovation and creativity.