The Missouri Geological Survey was created more than 100 years before the Missouri Department of Natural Resources existed. Originally called Geological Survey of Missouri, it was founded in 1853 as the state’s first agency dedicated to studying and managing Missouri's natural resources. In 1870, the agency's name was changed to Missouri Bureau of Geology and Mines and created the first geologic map of Missouri in 1872. The agency continued to expand during the early 1900s, by inspecting dams and completing Missouri's first State Water Plan. In 1933, the agency was renamed the Division of Geological Survey and Water Resources and assigned to the Department of Business and Administration in 1945.

On July 1, 1974, the Missouri General Assembly established the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to consolidate state agencies concerned with some phase of the land, air, water, energy and cultural resources of the state. This included the Division of Geological Survey. Renamed the Missouri Geological Survey, our mission today is providing Earth science information and services supporting stewardship and beneficial use of Missouri's natural resources, and that benefit public health and safety. That mission is fulfilled through six programs: administration, dam and reservoir safety, geological survey, land reclamation, soil and water conservation and water resources center.

Meet the Director and Deputy Directors
Chris Wieberg, Deputy Director; Carey Bridges, Director; Jerry Prewett, Deputy Director
Administration Program
Provides fiscal, personnel, facilities and other administrative support
Dam and Reservoir Safety Program
Ensures dams and reservoirs are constructed, maintained and operated safely
Geological Survey Program
Provides integrated earth science information; regulates oil and gas resources and wells
Land Reclamation Program
Ensures restoration of mined lands to protect public health, safety and the environment
Soil and Water Conservation Program
Assists landowners with soil and water conservation practices on agricultural lands
Water Resources Center
Investigates, monitors and administers planning efforts relating to water resources