The following table contains electronic copies of all currently effective site-specific wastewater permits — not master general permits — issued by the department. These facilities have been authorized to either discharge to waters of the state, or to operate a no-discharge wastewater treatment facility. These permits are written to be site-specific, issued to that one location to reflect the unique nature of the wastewater or the receiving water. The list includes Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) permits, stormwater permits, wastewater permits and underground injection control well permits. The permits are consistent with applicable water quality standards, effluent standards or treatment requirements or suitable timetables to meet these requirements (10 CSR 20-7.015 and 7.031).

The department will add each site specific wastewater permit as it is issued. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please submit an Open Records/ Sunshine Law Request.

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Effective Date Between
Permit Number Applicant/ Facility County Effective Date Expiration Date Type
MOGC00706 MoDOT and Amphitheater Camden Construction
MOGC00687 Vineyard 3 Polk Construction
MO0127906 City of Laurie Wastewater Treatment Facility Morgan Operating
MO0130435 Country Ridge Estates Wastewater Treatment Plant Camden Operating
MO0122173 Country Side Estates Wastewater Treatment Facility Morgan Operating
MO0120260 Eagle Estates Wastewater Treatment Plant St. Francois Operating
MO0035599 Fox Hollow Wastewater Treatment Facility Randolph Operating
MO0027600 Grant City West Sanitary Lagoon Worth Operating
MO0091936 Green Acres Mobile Home Park Wastewater Treatment Facility Mississippi Operating
MO0137171 Horseshoe Bend No. 7 Wastewater Treatment Facility Camden Operating
MO0136450 JeffCo Landfill Jefferson Operating
MO0119717 Kanakuk Kamps Trace Hollow Wastewater Treatment Facility Stone Operating
MO0080918 Knob Noster Trailer Park Wastewater Treatment Facility Johnson Operating
MO0106411 Lakeside Estates Homeowners Association Phelps Operating
MO0127477 LakeView Residential Care Wastewater Treatment Facility Wayne Operating
MO0000388 Leggett & Platt Inc. Cape Girardeau Operating
MOGS10626 Martin and Thian Thuan Barry Operating
MO0139548 McCoy Place 43/37 Wastewater Treatment Facility Camden Operating
MO0113964 Mid-American Coaches Inc. Franklin Operating
MO0131008 Mid-Missouri Energy LLC Saline Operating
MO0100358 Missouri-American Water Company, Incline Village No. 2 Wastewater Treatment Facility Warren Operating
MO0140252 Moonies Resort Wastewater Treatment Facility Camden Operating
MO0125245 Sharkey's Timeout Sports Bar Morgan Operating
MO0052051 Sunset Valley Park Wastewater Treatment Facility Webster Operating
MO0113492 White Wing Lodge Wastewater Treatment Facility Stone Operating
MO0121240 Willow Acres Homes Association Wastewater Treatment Facility Johnson Operating
MOGC00715 Bear Ridge Jefferson Construction
MOGC00713 Franklin County Public Water Supply District No. 3-Victoria Gardens Wastewater Treatment Plant Franklin Construction
MOGC00690 Sanctuary at Riss Lake Platte Construction
CP0002415 ReHope Wastewater Treatment Facility-Packaged Plant Cass Construction
CPSE01097 City of Moberly-Sparks Ave Lift Station Force Main and Sewer Extension, C295648-02 Randolph Construction
CP0002404 Elk Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant-Finley River Force Main Earthen Berm Flow Equalization Basin Christian Construction
MOGC00707 Antonia Estates Jefferson Construction
MOGC00702 Highway 86 Sanitary Sewer Taney Construction
MOGC00703 Grandview Plaza Mobile Home Park-Construction Washington Construction
MOGC00701 Hillside Estates Cass Construction
MOGC00710 Oaks of Edgewood 13-20 Jackson Construction
MOGC00711 Southfork Estates Phase 1 Christian Construction
MOGC00697 Innsbrook Estates Wastewater Treatment Plant Warren Construction
CP0002400 Trump Ridge Wastewater Treatment Facility-UV Disinfection Clark Construction
MOGC00699 Lee's Summit Downtown Market Jackson Construction
MOGC00704 Valley Ridge Estates Phase 2 Christian Construction
CPSE01102 Boone County Commission-Bolli Road NID Wastewater Improvements, C295299-03 Boone Construction
CP0002373 Mayview Wastewater Treatment Facility and Collection Upgrades, C295849-01 Lafayette Construction
MO0129356 Auburn Lake Wastewater Treatment Facility Lincoln Operating
MO0126292 Butterfield Wastewater Treatment Facility Barry Operating
MO0107719 Center Wastewater Treatment Facility Ralls Operating
MOGD00676 Cherokee Lakes Campground Wastewater Treatment Plant St. Charles Operating
MO0094706 City of New Cambria Wastewater Treatment Facility Macon Operating
MO0128856 Clover Hill Estates Wastewater Treatment Plant Cape Girardeau Operating