Permits are required for most activities where regulated solid waste is handled or managed. Permits are required to process waste, such as sorting, handling, processing to recover materials for re-use or recycling (allow a material to retain value), consolidation, transfer or treatment in preparation for disposal. Waste disposal, placing waste in landfills, also requires a permit. Some waste handling or management activities may require registration or license, rather than a permit. Other activities may actually be exempt from permitting requirements, while others must meet certain conditions before the activity would not need a permit. Anyone who wants to conduct activities that require a permit must submit the appropriate application and receive department approval before constructing and operating the facility. Learn more about the various permits and licenses required to manage solid waste.

Solid Waste Landfill Permits
Permits to construct or operate a solid waste disposal area
Coal Combustion Residual Landfills
Permits to construct or operate a coal combustion residuals (utility waste) landfill
Solid Waste Processing Facility Permits
Permits for material recovery facilities, transfer stations, infectious waste processors
Scrap Tire Processing Facility Permit
Permit to process scrap tires
Scrap Tire Hauler Permit
Permit to transport scrap tires (Missouri Department of Transportation)
Infectious (Hazardous) Waste Transporter License
License to transport infectious waste (Missouri Department of Transportation)
Activities Potentially Exempt from Solid Waste Regulations
Learn whether an activity requires a permit for processing or disposing solid waste
Solid Waste Technician Certification
Learn more about certification and recertification training courses
Public Notices
Learn about proposed facilities and scheduled public meetings and hearings