The Multipurpose Water Resource Program Fund is a statewide program administered by Missouri Department of Natural Resources to provide financial assistance to projects to ensure adequate, long-term, reliable public water supply, treatment and transmission facilities. The Missouri General Assembly established the current form of the Multipurpose Fund in 2016 under the Multipurpose Water Resource Act (Sections 256.435 to 256.445, RSMo). The Multipurpose Fund focuses on funding projects that require supplemental funding to reach implementation, emphasizing projects that develop sources of drinking water. 

As described in the Multipurpose Water Resource Act, funds are available to any political subdivision of the state or wholesale water supply district. Eligible sponsors may submit a water resource development plan to the department, including a description of the project, the need for it, land use and treatment measures to be implemented, procedures for water allocation, drought and emergency operations plans, and a proposed schedule to remit contributions back to the fund. All plans are subject to approval by the department director. Plans will be eligible for financial assistance only if they are determined to provide a long-term, reliable public water supply, treatment, or transmission facility in an area of the state that has been determined to have such a need. Sponsors with eligible water resource development plans may submit a fund request for specific project tasks. As tasks are completed, sponsors are reimbursed for eligible expenses.

The Multipurpose Water Resource Act grants the department rulemaking authority to develop procedures for the administration of the Multipurpose Fund. Currently, the department is undergoing the process of developing rules. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

For questions about the Multipurpose Water Resources Fund please contact Michael Weller at or 573-522-6772.