Bright blue algal bloom near a shore

If you think you see a harmful algal bloom, report it!

If you believe you have seen or are dealing with a Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB), please report the bloom through one of the contact methods below.

All submitted reports are reviewed by the Missouri HAB Response Team and added to the HAB Reports map. The response team is made up of staff from Missouri's Department of Natural Resources, Department of Conservation, Department of Health and Senior Services and Department of Agriculture. The best agency(s) to respond will be determined, and a team member will contact you to provide assistance, answer any questions you may have or provide additional resources. The response team is also available to assist landowners, park officials, city leadership, other lake managers and the general public with concerns related to harmful algal blooms. 

If you or your animals are experiencing any symptoms related to cyanobacteria exposure, seek medical attention. Let the medical personnel know you have been in an area affected by a bloom and may have been exposed.

When in doubt, report and stay out!